The O2 is part of AEG, The Anschutz Entertainment Group. We are participants in AEG 1Earth, our companywide environmental sustainability programme. AEG 1Earth encourages us to minimise our impact on our environment and always strive to be efficient, reducing our energy usage, waste and carbon footprint.

Here are some of the things we’ve done to ensure The O2 is a sustainable and responsible venue.

  • All event tickets are now digital and delivered through AXS Mobile ID which eliminates over one million paper tickets being printed each year.
  • Created a back-of-house recycling programme for glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, construction materials, kitchen grease, e-waste, and more.
  • Installed an on-site wormery to compost food waste and generate fertilizer.
  • Encouraged alternative transportation to the venue via signage at the arena, our website, and social media. Based on our last survey, 77% of visitors arrive via alternative transportation.
  • Installed electric vehicle charging stations in our parking area.
  • Launched an employee green team dedicated to further reducing The O2’s environmental impact.
  • Began purchasing EU Ecolabel-certified toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Implemented a green cleaning program, replacing traditional cleaning chemicals with environmentally-friendly alternatives.
  • The O2 purchased 100% renewable energy in 2016, resulting in zero carbon emissions for the venue.
  • We installed power monitoring equipment and software to target and monitor the arena’s electrical energy consumption.
  • Invested heavily in energy reduction projects, such as replacement LED lighting fixtures and movement sensor technology. 


Through AEG 1Earth we:

  • Exchange environmental best practices with other venues around the world.
  • Track our environmental performance on a monthly basis, measuring energy consumption, water usage, and waste diversion.
  • Contribute to AEG’s progress towards its 2020 Environmental Goals, which include energy, water, and waste reduction, responsible purchasing for venues, and education about these efforts for employees and guests.