Sky Studios

Sky Studios

We’ve breaking news. We need you. Join us on our interactive set in Sky Studios. The camera’s rolling so take your seat behind the desk and read the latest Sky News or Sky Sports headlines. We’ll record your moment in the spotlight so you can share it with friends and family when you get home.


Football fan? Our virtual Super Sunday pundits are waiting for you. They’re talking tactics and analysing all the action on the pitch. Put your team’s shirt on – you’re Player of the Match.


And go out of this world. Enter new ones with Sky VR. 360 degree videos put you right into the heart of the sports, movies and arts you love.


Sky Studios is free and open every day: 


12pm - 6pm Non-event

12pm - 8pm Event



11am - 6pm  Non-event

11am - 8pm Event


Disney On Ice Opening Times

  • 26, 27 Dec and 2, 3 Jan - from 11am – 6.30pm
  • 28, 29, 30, 31 Dec and 4, 5 Jan – from 9am - 6.30pm