AXS Mobile ID FAQs

What is AXS Mobile ID? 

AXS Mobile ID is a digital ticketing system and will eventually be the only admission method at The O2. It eliminates paper tickets and allows you to enter events with a quick scan of your ticket on an app. AXS Mobile ID allows you to manage your tickets digitally. 

Why is AXS Mobile ID being launched?

AXS Mobile ID allows for convenience, flexibility and security. Fans can manage tickets digitally and remain assured that all tickets are authentic and secure. The move to AXS Mobile ID is designed to put tickets in the hands of fans, not touts.

How does the system give fans security?

To alleviate the problems surrounding counterfeiting, all tickets are assigned to individuals via AXS Mobile ID. This includes a dynamically changing barcode system, which ensures that the tickets cannot be copied or shared illegally, emphasising AXS’ ongoing commitment to combatting touts. By eliminating paper tickets fans are guaranteed easy entry to the venue, either as a group or individually, through simply scanning the ticket on their app. 

What if I don't want to use AXS Mobile ID?

AXS Mobile ID will be the only delivery option available for The O2. Please see below if you are having trouble with getting your ticket on the app.

How do I get my ticket? 

How do I get my ticket?

You will need to download The O2 app. Search ' The O2' on the App or Google Play store.  Check the event page of the show you are attending to see if your show is on AXS Mobile ID.

Your ticket will be a one of a kind barcode which gets you into the arena quickly. When you approach the arena entrance please have your barcode ready to be scanned. 

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You can also access venue benefits including exclusive discounts and offers on food and drink plus fast-track collection lanes. 

How will I know my tickets have been delivered to my account?

You will receive an email notifying you of the delivery.

What if I don't have a smartphone or can't download The O2 app?

If you do not have a smartphone please take your confirmation of purchase email to the Box Office where they will be able to assist. 

What if I lose my phone / run out of battery?

Please visit the box office on the night of the show.

What about the recent system of putting names on tickets – how does this work with AXS Mobile ID?

As the AXS Mobile ID tickets are based on a person’s identity, the name of the owner of the ticket automatically transfers once sold. Names are automatically added, adding a layer of security.

Transferring tickets on AXS Mobile ID

With AXS Mobile ID you can transfer tickets to every guest in your party or if you would like gift the tickets. 

A seat transfer allows you to give each guest in your party their own entry ticket digitally via AXS Mobile ID. With ticket transfers, you no longer need to worry about delivering the paper tickets to them in advance or meeting them outside of the entrance to walk in together. There is no fee for transferring tickets and you are able to make unlimited transfers.

How do I transfer a ticket?

This can be done on The O2 app. Once you have followed the above steps to download your ticket to your phone you will see a 'Transfer' button at the bottom of your ticket.

Select the ticket/seat you want to transfer. 

Enter the recipient's name and email address. You'll be asked to review the transfer. Click the 'Transfer' button and your guest will receive a notification via email. 

Tickets can be transferred up to one hour after door time. 

Check the event page of the show you are attending to see if it will be on AXS Mobile ID. If the show you've purchased tickets for is on AXS Mobile ID you will be notified once your tickets are ready to download. Once you’ve downloaded your ticket you will be able to transfer a ticket.

Can I cancel a transfer?

It depends on whether the guests you are transferring to already have an AXS Account. If they already have an account, the seats are transferred instantaneously to their account, so you cannot cancel a transfer once you have initiated it. If the people you are transferring to do not have an AXS Account and do not pick up the tickets you have transferred, you can cancel a transfer.

How many times can a ticket be transferred?

There is no limit on how many times a ticket can be transferred.

Are there any tickets that are not transferable?

There may be times where a block on transferability is requested by the event organiser – if this happens, this will be marked clearly at purchase stage.

I bought tickets as a gift for somebody, how do I give them these to them if I am not attending the event?

You can select the transfer option in your account and send them the tickets directly.

What if my friends arrive later than me?

You can transfer the tickets with them in a few easy steps. See above under 'How do I transfer my ticket'.

Can I share screen shots of the tickets with friends?

No – AXS Mobile ID tickets include an anti-tout mechanism that ensures the tickets cannot be copied, as part of this, the bar code changes within The O2 app every 59 seconds.

Can I sell my ticket?

Yes. You can sell your tickets on AXS Official Resale. The platform will enable you to sell your tickets if you can no longer attend and give you the opportunity to buy tickets on a fair capped re-sale platform from other fans. Click here for more info.