Building Six FAQs

What time is last entry?

Last entry is at 1 am.

Do I need ID?

You'll need a valid ID (driving licence or passport, not expired) must be provided at the entrance. 

Do you have a dress code?

There’s no dress code for most events

What time do the doors open?

The time will be on your tickets or listed on our website. All advertised times are approximate and subject to change.

What should I do if I have a problem at an event?

Whatever the issue, talk to a member of staff. We want you to have a great time at the event so come and see us. We may be able to sort something. It’s hard for us to do that after the event.


Events are 18+ only and you must bring a valid form of photo ID. When purchasing alcohol if you appear to be under 25 you will be asked for proof of age.


Everyone entering Building Six will need to clear our enhanced security checks. Visitors will be screened through our security arches and bags will be searched as usual. These security arches pose no threat to those with pacemakers or pregnant women.

Please also note that food and drink is not allowed, with the exception of food for specific medical needs.


Some items are not allowed in the venue such as glass, perfumes, professional camera, selfie sticks, tools, weapons… Please see the Terms and Conditions for details of prohibited items or ask the security staff if you are unsure. These items will be confiscated upon entry and will be only returned on your way out. These items are left at your own risk and if not collected on the night, will be moved to Lost Property.

Can I re-enter the venue?

No. You can’t leave and re-enter once you’ve gone through ticket checking. Please take cash prior to enter and ask staff where the nearest ATM is.

Where can I find out about access at Building Six?

Please click here for details.

Where can I smoke?

The O2 is a no smoking venue. The smoking area is just outside the O2’s main entrance. Building Six has a dedicated smoking area outside on the terrace.

Is there any food available?

Depending on the event, there will be a food stall or a food van on the terrace. A selection of burgers, wraps and hot dogs is served. Please ask security staff before you enter the venue if the food stall is in operation.

Is there a bar in the venue?

Yes. We accept cash and card payment. All bars will close 30 minutes before the end of the event and free drinking water will be available.

Are they any cloakrooms at Building Six?

Yes. There are lockers facility at the venue.

I’ve lost something. Who do I contact?

For all Building Six lost property enquiries please contact us first at [email protected] with the colour, brand and description of your item. We are open Monday to Friday (12:00pm-5:00pm).

We can only keep things for seven days. After that we donate them to charity. We aren’t responsible for anything that’s lost or stolen.