Merchandise FAQs

Why is the merchandise so expensive?

We don’t set the prices of merchandise. The performer’s merchandise company is responsible for the content and price.

Why can’t I buy a mug or cd before the show?

Sometimes we’re not allowed to sell certain things before a show for safety reasons.

Are there merchandise outlets in The O2?

Yes. The main stand in the foyer opens early on event nights. There are also stands on Level 1 and Level 4 of the arena. They usually carry a slightly smaller range of products. There’s usually a stand in the VIP lounge too.

Can I buy merchandise after the show?


Can I buy merchandise online?

Yes. Head to the official website for the band, artist or event.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. All types of card. And there’s no minimum spend.

Can I return or exchange my product after the event?

You’ll need to contact the merchandise company directly. We can give you their details.