Sky Backstage FAQs

Do I have to register to get access to Sky Backstage?

You can pre-register for a Sky Backstage pass at up until 5pm on the day of any evening event and until 12pm for daytime events. If there’s still capacity available on the day of the event you may be able to register when you get to The O2 by providing a Sky Studios staff member your details.

What details do I need to register for a Sky Backstage pass?

As a Sky customer you need to sign into using your Sky iD, select the date that you’d like to visit the Sky Backstage area, register the number of guests that you’d like to bring (up to three guests per Sky customer) and download your pass. If you don’t already have a Sky iD, you can Sign up for Sky iD.

Do I have to be a Sky customer to access Sky Backstage?

Sky TV and Broadband customers can book a pass to Sky Backstage. You’ll need a valid arena ticket for the date you want to go to Sky Backstage.

Will my Sky Backstage pass guarantee entry to Sky Backstage?

Due to our standard overbooking policy to account for no-shows, Sky reserves the right to refuse entry to pass holders in the event of insufficiency of room. Entry to Sky Backstage will then be granted to Sky Backstage pass holders on a first-come, first-served basis and on a one in, one out basis.

I have arena tickets but Sky Backstage isn’t available on my chosen date. Why?

It can take up to two weeks for Sky Backstage bookings to open after tickets are released for an arena event. If you’re trying to book Sky Backstage tickets for a recently announced arena event, please check our website regularly. The O2 also reserves the right to close Sky Backstage for a very small number of events over the year. If you’re unable to book a Backstage pass for your event, please assume Sky Backstage is closed.

I have booked a pass and received an email from Sky to say that Sky Backstage is now closed. Why is this?

It’s due to circumstances beyond our control. There are instances including but not limited to venue requirements, operational changes or requests from the promoter when we need to close Sky Backstage at short notice. Sky reserves the right to close Sky Backstage at our discretion.

Do I have to pay to get into Sky Backstage?

Sky Backstage is free to registered Sky TV and Broadband customers and their guests.

How many times can I visit Sky Backstage?

Each Sky household may register for one Sky Backstage pass per customer and up to three friends per arena event. All persons must hold a valid arena ticket for the date they plan to enter Sky Backstage.

How many people can I take with me?

You can normally take up to three family members or friends with you. There may be certain exceptions when this number is increased to five. When applicable, this extra availability will be highlighted when you book your passes.

Do I need to show ID?

If you’ve pre-registered for entry to Sky Backstage on our website, you’ll need to show valid ID to prove your identity. Bank cards will be accepted as a form of identification.

How old do I need to be to access Sky Backstage?

If you’re under 14 you must be accompanied by an adult when accessing Sky Backstage. If you’re under 18 you won’t be allowed to buy alcoholic drinks and if you appear to be under the age of 25, you may be asked for proof of age.

What are the opening and closing times for Sky Backstage?

Access to Sky Backstage will be allowed one hour prior to arena doors opening and customers must leave the Sky Backstage area 20 minutes before the main act starts. Please see your arena ticket for further details. Opening and closing times are subject to change at short notice and at the discretion of the management.

Where will I find Sky Backstage?

You’ll see Sky Studios as you enter The O2. Please find one of our staff members who will direct you to Sky Backstage.

Can I stay in Sky Backstage when the main performance is on?

You’ll need to leave Sky Backstage 20 minutes before the main act starts, unless you have been given permission to stay.

I don’t have a printer to print my Sky Backstage pass.

We have a printer at Sky Studios at The O2 you can use to print your voucher. Sky Studios is in the main entrance foyer and open between midday and 8pm every day.

I’ve received a Sky Backstage pass confirmation email but cannot download my pass from the link supplied. Can you help?

To download your pass you need adobe reader, so please check you have this installed. If this still doesn’t work, then please forward your pass confirmation email along with the link to our Rewards, Incentives and Vouchers forum.

I’ve downloaded the Sky Backstage pass but I’d like to give it to someone else in my household to use. Will they be able to get it?

Yes, anyone from your household can use the pass to enter Sky Backstage as long as they hold a valid arena ticket for the event.

What happens if my family/household member gets asked for ID but the pass is in my name and I’m not attending the event?

Don’t worry – the pass is transferable to family and household members. As as long as the account holder’s address can be verified this will be sufficient.

My Sky Backstage pass is in my maiden name. Will it still be valid and what ID will I need to show?

Yes, the pass will still be valid for you to use as long as the account address you have booked the pass with can be verified.

My friends have tickets for an arena event but I don’t. Can I still visit Sky Backstage with them?

Unfortunately not, only people who hold a valid arena ticket can enter Sky Backstage.

I’ve bought tickets to sit on the Sky Backstage balcony, so do I still need a Sky Backstage pass?

No, if you’ve bought Sky Balcony tickets this guarantees your entry into Sky Backstage.

I haven’t received my Sky Backstage booking email so I can’t print my pass. What happens now?

Please make sure that the email address you’re checking is the same as the one that you confirmed as part of the booking process. Please also check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received your Sky Backstage Pass booking email, then please post a question on our Rewards, Incentives and Vouchers forum.

I’ve deleted/lost/never received my pass confirmation email, can it be re-sent?

Although we are unable to re-issue passes, we do hold a back-up list on the door for pre-registered customers. When you arrive at The O2 please see the staff in Sky Studios who will check you and your guests off the list.

I’ve booked four passes for an event but would like an extra pass, is this possible?

To ensure Sky Backstage is enjoyed by as many customers as possible, we restrict the number of guest passes customers can book in advance. If you have more than three guests, please come along to Sky Studios on the day of your event. If there’s capacity, our staff may be able to admit more guests however this is dependent on space.

I’ve booked a Sky Backstage pass for an event that has been cancelled and re-scheduled to a new date. Is my pass still valid?

You will need to book a new pass for the re-scheduled date to ensure entry into Sky Backstage.

I’ve tried to download my Sky Backstage and/or Sky Studios photo or video and it’s saying that my code is invalid, please can you help?

Please check that the format of your 9 character unique code is correct. It should be SS00XXX00, where 0 is a number and X is a letter. The code is case sensitive. If you have the letter I or/and the number 1 in your code please ensure that these are entered correctly. If it still doesn’t work please send an email to [email protected].

I’d like to download my Sky Backstage and/or Sky Studios photo or video but it is over 30 days since I had it taken, can I still access it?

All photos or videos are stored on our server for 30 days and then automatically deleted, so we will be unable to retrieve your photo.

Any more questions?

If you have any questions about Sky at The O2 or any other Sky products or services, you can post them on the Rewards, Incentives and Vouchers forum and one of our Community members or Knowledge Advisors will respond within 24 hours. In order to post your questions to us, you will need to be signed in with your Sky iD and register for a Forum ID. If you don’t yet have a login, you can Sign up for Sky iD.