Up at The O2 FAQs

What Health & Safety measures do you have in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19?

  1. Plastic screening installed at reception desks and a cash-free site
  2. We encourage all visitors to continue to wear a face covering whilst in Base Camp, North Camp and during your visit to The O2.
  3. Please practice good hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly and use our free hand sanitiser stations which are installed throughout, including on arrival, pre and post-climb
  4. Visitors are required to wear their own suitable clothing. Climb jackets and gilets are available on request if needed as an extra layer. Climb shoes are always available. You are able to take your mobile phone or compact camera up to the roof with you but it must be stored away in a button or zip pocket on your clothing.
  5. Please respect other visitors. Keep your distance and appreciate that some people may still be apprehensive.
  6.  Tickets must be pre-booked and availability is limited

How do I contact the Box office?

You can reach our Box office on 0208 463 2680 or you can email boxoffice@upattheo2.co.uk

What are the opening times?

Opening times change from season to season. Please check our timetable. 

What is Up at The O2?

Up at The O2 is an exhilarating 90 minute experience that takes you on a guided expedition over the roof of The O2 via a fabric walkway. Suspended 2m above the surface of The O2 roof, the walkway is 52m above ground level and 380m long. At its steepest point the walkway has an incline of 28° on the way up and 30° on the way back down and has a slight bounce to it to mirror the surface of the tent.

Before you climb, you'll meet your Climb Guide who'll take you through everything you need to know and give you a climb suit, shoes and a safety harness.

At the summit, there is an observation platform where you can take in spectacular views of London. 

How high is Up at The O2?

Up at The O2 is 52m at its highest point.

Will I need any training before I complete Up at The O2?

Yes. But it’s all part of your adventure on the day. You’ll be given a safety briefing before you go up. And you’ll meet your guides. They’ll give you handy tips and answer your questions.

How do I know if I can complete the course?

You need to be physically and medically fit. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure. Please don’t do Up at The O2 if you’re pregnant.

The minimum age is 8  years old and the adult to child ratio is as follows:

Remember that under 18s must be with an adult in the ratios as below:

8 -11 years                          1:2 ratio

12 -13 years                        1:4 ratio

14 -17 years                        1:5 ratio

Can I do Up at The O2 if I'm pregnant?

Unfortunately, not. The harness is pretty snug and the climb is physically demanding.

Is Up at The O2 accessible for disabled guests?

Up at The O2 is accessible for most disabled guests. Call 020 8463 2680 or email boxoffice@upattheo2.co.uk to discuss your climb with us. As a general rule, if you can walk unaided, you can complete the climb. We also run accessible climbs for wheelchair users. Click here for more details.

Are there any age or height restrictions?

To do Up at The O2, you must:

• be at least 8 years old
• be at least 1.2m tall
• not weigh more than 21 stone/130kg/286lbs
• not have a waist measurement more than 125cm
• not have an upper thigh measurement more than 75cm.


The ratio of adults to minors (8-17 years) is 1:5 

Can I get a refund if I’m scared or worried I’ll not complete it?

Unfortunately we can’t offer refunds.

I’ve got a fear of heights. Can I still climb?

Yes. But remember, what goes up, must come down. Up at The O2 is 52m high and involves an ascent and descent of up to 30 degrees. Once you’ve started the climb, you have to complete it.

Do I need to book in advance?

No. You can buy tickets when you get here. But we get very busy, so it’s best to book ahead.

Can I change the date or time of my climb?

Unfortunately not. We can only reschedule a climb if it's been cancelled.

What time is Up at The O2 open?

Times vary. Click here for details.

How do I get to Up at The O2?

We’re just to the left of the main entrance of The O2.

When should I arrive for my climb?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your climb time. Unfortunately, we can’t check you in before then. If you arrive early, there are lots of other things to do at The O2. Click here for details.

What happens if I'm late?

We’ll do our best but we can’t always check in late arrivals. Unfortunately we can't give refunds or reschedule your climb. 

What happens if I lose or forget my tickets?

Don’t worry. Email boxoffice@upattheo2.co.uk. Or call 020 8463 2680. Make sure you have your payment details and reference numbers ready.

How long does the climb last?

Give yourself 90 minutes to fully enjoy the experience. The first part includes your briefing and time to get into your climb gear. The climb itself takes about an hour, depending on the speed of the group.

Do the guides give commentary?

Your guide will point out landmarks and interesting facts during your climb.

How many people are in each group?

Normally each group can have up to 18 people with a guide. Some climbs can be extended to 30 people and will have 2 guides with them at all times.

What should I wear?

For full clothing information click here.

What footwear is suitable?

For full clothing information click here.

Will I be given all the equipment I need?

Yes. For clothing and equipment information click here.

Are cameras, bags and personal items allowed?

No. But you can bring your mobile with you. It has to be carried in the phone pocket on your climb jacket (if requested) and can only be used on the viewing platform. Anything else can be stored in our lockers. Remember that the storage box and flight cases are small, so please don’t bring large items.

Can I carry my medication while on the climb?

Essential medication like inhalers, insulin and nourishment are allowed. Your guide will carry these for you.

Can I wear my hearing aid or glasses?

Yes. As long as they’re not loose fitting.

Can I eat and drink on the climb?

No. But there are lots of restaurants and bars at The O2 so you can grab something before or after your trip. Click here for details.

Will my climb go ahead if the weather’s bad?

Climbs take place in all conditions unless the weather is extreme. Gales, lightning, heavy snow, ice and anything that makes it unsafe will mean we need to close. Call 020 8463 2680 to check on the day. 

What happens if my climb is cancelled?

You choose. We’ll book you in for the next available climb. If no other slots are suitable, we’ll give you a refund. If you used a Gift Card, we’ll reactivate your voucher code. Please call  020 8463 2680 to arrange.

Where can I park if I’m going Up at The O2?

You can park in car parks 2, 3 or 4, which are our non-event car parks. You’ll pay our hourly tariffs displayed here.