VIP Club

Where are the VIP seats?

They’re mainly in Block 102. Sometimes they’re in 101, 103 or 111.

How many tickets does one licence allow me to buy?

One licence gets you one ticket.

Can I still get tickets once the booking window has closed?

We can add you to a waiting list, but we can’t guarantee tickets outside the booking window.

Can we use our inclusive events allocation for events next year?

Unfortunately not.

Can we choose which events we want to go to?

Yes. You have access to tickets for any arena public event.

Can anyone use my tickets? Or does it have to be the named holder?

You can let anyone use your tickets.

Can we still go in the American Express Lounge after we’ve used up our ten inclusive events?

Yes. You’ve got access to the American Express Lounge for every ticket booked through the VIP Club.

Is there an age limit for entry to the American Express Lounge?

No. But under 15s must be with an adult.

What time does the American Express Lounge open and close?

The American Express Invites Lounge opens one hour before the arena doors and closes a minimum of one hour after the end of the show.

How can VIP members get access to suites?

Let your account manager know that you’d like to upgrade. They’ll let you know if a suite becomes available.

Is parking included in VIP membership?

No. But you get access to the VIP drop-off area. And you can pre book valet parking.

I have VIP Club ticket, what does that include?

To determine if your ticket is a VIP Club ticket, it should have  '#AmexInvitesLounge' on it. You will have seats in a prime location within the arena. You will also have access to the American Express Invites Lounge (AEIL), which is a lounge within the arena. In here, you can purchase a range of food and drinks.

I have VIP tickets with access to the American Express Lounge, how do I get in there?

When you arrive at The O2 through the main entrance, you will see the arena doors in front of you. The left hand lane is reserved for VIP members and suite holders so please use this.

I have VIP tickets, can I show my ticket on my phone to gain entry?

No, VIP tickets are not accepted on your phone, please print these at home in advance of coming to the venue

How do I book a table in the American Express Lounge?

There are two areas in the lounge where you can reserve a table. Each VIP Member has an Account Manager who will be able to assist with booking a table so please go back to where you got your tickets from to request. 

How do I find out the timings to a show?

You can find these on The O2 website, or the through the Members portal. There are usually updated about 10 days before the event.

Can I go out for a cigarette?

Once you have entered the arena and had your ticket scanned, there is no re-admittance. There are dedicated e-cigarette areas within the arena.

Is parking included with my VIP Club ticket?

No, parking is purchased separately

Can I get dropped off at the VIP Entrance?

VIP Members can be dropped on site, this can be arranged through the VIP Club member's Account Manager

Is there a cloakroom in the American Express Lounge?

Yes, we have a cloakroom open for every event, this is located within the American Express Lounge and is free of charge.

Is there an age restriction in the American Express Lounge?

There is no age restriction for the American Express Lounge, unless there is a specific age restriction for the event taking place, which will be communicated when the event goes on sale. The age restriction for the arena does apply to the lounge too, where children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18+ or over within The O2 arena. The O2 runs a ‘Think 25’ policy.  If you look under 25, you will be asked to prove that you are over 18.

Can I bring my baby? Will they need a ticket?

There’s no minimum age for most events at the arena. But as the shows can be noisy, we don’t recommend bringing very small children to anything that’s not family friendly. If you’re bringing a small child with you, please make sure they don’t disturb other people. And remember, everyone needs a ticket.


How big are the suites?

The smallest has 15 fixed seats. The largest has 30 fixed seats. Ask for extra seats if you want to bring more people.

Do we get tickets for all events at The O2?

Yes. You get tickets for the number of seats in your suite. For every public event.

What happens if we don’t want to use our suite for some events?

We can offer your suite to other VIP members. You’ll get back the ticket price for the number of seats.

When can we access our suite?

From the arena door time to one hour after the show. Or 11.45pm at the latest.

Can we use the suite for our own events?

Talk to your account manager. If the arena isn’t being used for anything else, then it may be possible.

Can we use the American Express Lounge?

Yes. Unless the lounge gets too full.

What are the food and drink options?

Our caterers, Levy’s, can get you anything from drinks and snacks, to burgers and buffets. You can also bring food from the arena concourses. Or the American Express Invites Lounge.

Can we have our own catering in the suites?

Unfortunately not, however our in-house caterers Levy will be happy to work with you on your desired Food and Beverage offering in the Suite.


Do we get an attendant in the suite?

It depends on how much food and drink you’ve ordered.

Does my Suite ticket include catering?

It depends! Refer to the point of contact where you obtained your tickets who will be able to advise if they have arranged pre-ordered catering for you. 

Can I purchase food and drink in the Suite?

Yes. If you do not have pre-ordered catering included with your ticket, you can purchase food and drink for the Suite in a number of ways. 1. via the Suite telephone where you can order from a 'Day of Event' menu, offering hot and cold food options. 2. via a nearby Suite attendant. 3. drinks can be bought at any of the 4 bars on Suite Level. 

Can I smoke in the Suite?

No. Please refer to the standard arena policy and note that there is a strict no re-admission policy once you have left the arena. 

Can I use my e-cigarette in the Suite?

Yes! E-cigarettes can be used along the Suite concourses and at the back of the Suites. They cannot be used towards the front of the Suite near the balcony seating area. 

Is there an age limit in the Suite?

Our standard policy in the Suites is that under 18's must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Some shows will implement their own age restriction so please refer to the main website or your main point of contact for further details on each show. 

Is parking included with my ticket?

Not as a standard. However your point of contact from the Suite holder will be able to advise whether they have allocated you a parking ticket as part of your ticket arrangement. 

Can I access the American Express Lounge with my Suite ticket?

Usually, yes! For some shows access may be restricted so do check with your point of contact from the Suite Holder to be sure. 

Can I buy merchandise from Suite Level?

Sometimes. Quite often there is a merchandise stand on Level 2 by the main reception. However this is not guarunteed for every event. If merchandise is available for a particular show and is not on offer on Suite Level, you can head to Level 1 or our merchandise shop by the front entrance. 

Does my child need a Suite ticket?

Yes. Every person in the arena will need a ticket for most shows. Some family shows offer a 'babes in laps' policy where children under the age of 24 months can access the show without a ticket, so please check with your point of contact or Account Manager to be sure. 

Can I watch TV in the Suite?

Sometimes. Every Suite is kitted out with a flat screen TV which is centrally controlled and will be turned off when the main artist starts. The channels can usually be changed from within the Suite, so you can catch the end of that match provided it finishes before the main act!

Can I pre-book Valet parking?

Yes*. Your main point of contact from the Suite Holder can do this for you via their system (*subject to availability). Valet parking for Suite guests is offered at a discounted rate however must be arranged through the official channels (aka. the Suite Holder directly).

Can I be dropped off at the VIP loop via Meridian Gate?

Yes, provided you have logged your details in advance. Your main point of contact from the Suite Holder can do this for you via their system. You will need to provide vehicle details in advance (guest name, driver name, registration plate, car make/model, mobile number) which will then be registered with the parking team who will grant you entry. You can not drive up to the VIP loop on the day to be dropped off if you haven't logged your details in advance.