VIP Club

Where are the VIP seats?

They’re mainly in Block 102. Sometimes they’re in 101, 103 or 111.

How many tickets does one licence allow me to buy?

One licence gets you one ticket.

Can I still get tickets once the booking window has closed?

We can add you to a waiting list, but we can’t guarantee tickets outside the booking window.

Can we use our inclusive events allocation for events next year?

Unfortunately not.

Can we choose which events we want to go to?

Yes. You have access to tickets for any arena public event.

Can anyone use my tickets? Or does it have to be the named holder?

You can let anyone use your tickets.

Can we still go in the American Express Invites Lounge after we’ve used up our ten inclusive events?

Yes. You’ve got access to the American Express Invites Lounge for every ticket booked through the VIP Club.

Is there an age limit for entry to the American Express Invites Lounge?

No. But under 15s must be with an adult.

What time does the American Express Invites Lounge open and close?

The American Express Invites Lounge opens one hour before the arena doors and closes a minimum of one hour after the end of the show.

How can VIP members get access to suites?

Let your account manager know that you’d like to upgrade. They’ll let you know if a suite becomes available.

Is parking included in VIP membership?

No. But you get access to the VIP drop-off area. And you can pre book valet parking.


How big are the suites?

The smallest has 15 fixed seats. The largest has 30 fixed seats. Ask for extra seats if you want to bring more people.

Do we get tickets for all events at The O2?

Yes. You get tickets for the number of seats in your suite. For every public event.

What happens if we don’t want to use our suite for some events?

We can offer your suite to other VIP members. You’ll get back the ticket price for the number of seats.

When can we access our suite?

From the arena door time to one hour after the show. Or 11.45pm at the latest.

Can we use the suite for our own events?

Talk to your account manager. If the arena isn’t being used for anything else, then it may be possible.

Can we use the American Express Invites Lounge?

Yes. Unless the lounge gets too full.

What are the food and drink options?

Our caterers, Levy’s, can get you anything from drinks and snacks, to burgers and buffets. You can also bring food from the arena concourses. Or the American Express Invites Lounge.

Can we have our own catering in the suites?

No. We have our own caterers, Levy’s, who will rustle up anything you like.

Do we get an attendant in the suite?

It depends on how much food and drink you’ve ordered.