19 Dec 2016

11 Performances at The O2 That Moved You To Tears [3 Mins]

Music can be emotional at the best of times, not least when you’re sat (or stood) in front of your favourite artist. Grab your tissues folks, it’s going to get sniffy. Here’s our rundown of the most tear-jerking performances...

We’ve all been known to belt out a Bryan Adams classic or two, but for @isliz, seeing the Groover from Vancouver tipped her over the edge.


A great gig can really stick with you. The Vamps' show sure did for @ftgbrad - she got teary at the memory of their live performance a year on!


Adele’s hits have had us bawling on many occasions. @DeborahFelton21 was lucky enough to get tickets to see her at The O2 – and needless to say, it left her a bit tearful.


Clearly Adele’s singing has this effect on lots of people. @baldwinr86 had goosebumps AND tears during her show. What a combo!


Ever cried over an Irish boy before? Well @Dyson4Tea certainly has. Irish rockers U2 had her in tears with their spectacular show!


One Republic’s songs can really get you welling up, as @ellies_POV found out when she got teary at their show… and it wasn’t the first time!


We salute @LaurenAitken8 for being so dedicated to The 1975, she cried when she found out her mum had tickets! We can’t help but wonder what she was like during their actual performance…


Maxwell and Mary J. Blige’s performance at BluesFest was a tear-jerker for those on the front row, as the eagle-eyed @aycarrington spotted! 


5SOS have made us cry with laughter before – like that time guitarist Michael fell off stage… and we’re not alone! Their performance at The O2 made @EmilyAcapricorn’s friend sniff back tears of joy. 


We’re always impressed by the moves Diversity can bust, and so is @leannemerch! She enjoyed their performance so much it made her well up...


Clearly it isn’t just audience members who are welling up during performances. @Cumberbuddy spotted Adele joining in with us blubbers! 

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