5 July 2016

13 AWESOME Aerial Photos of London

London is a pretty awesome city (not that we’re biased) and it looks even more amazing from above. Unless you’ve chartered a private helicopter or have your own jet, there’s a pretty good chance this isn’t a view you’re going to see all that often.

We’ve put together some of our favourite bird’s-eye pics of London. And don’t forget, you can also sign up to scale our famous tent and take a few of your own, thanks to Up at The O2.

1. We love the dark and moody sky on this one @lukash199!


2. Stunning night view over the Southbank courtesy of @jasonhawkesphot.


3. See, London even looks fab in black and white. Who needs colour anyway @theobleckmann?


London! @londonjazzfest #londonfromabove #londonaerial #london

A photo posted by Theo Bleckmann (@theobleckmann) on


4. We reckon the guys at @NPASLondon have a pretty cool job policing our capital from the sky – imagine views like this every day!

5. And before they were known as @NPASLondon, they were called @MPSinthesky. We couldn’t NOT share this amazing image…

6. Oooh look, it’s us! Thanks @mooncatwrangler.



A photo posted by Guy Hayhow (@mooncatwrangler) on


7. More from @mooncatwrangler who is a professional abseiler. Don’t look down!



A photo posted by Guy Hayhow (@mooncatwrangler) on


8. The BT Tower is no longer London’s tallest building, but it’s still a pretty awesome vantage point, isn’t that right @bsmart?


9. That accolade now well and truly belongs to The Shard, which just happens to be the centrepiece of this amazing shot by @zarashabrina!


Cityscape #london #thisislondon #aeriallondon #cityscape #visitlondon

A photo posted by Zahratu Shabrina (@zarashabrina) on


10.We always knew Hyde Park was pretty massive, but this snap from @kathyroseobrien confirms it!


11. Is it just us, or does this look like London in miniature? Great shot @matthewbowden.

12. If there’s one benefit from waking up early, this must be it @fatalswitzerland.

13. London squirrel from above. Oops, how did that get in here? 


Squirrel from above #London

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