6 July 2016

15 Of The FUNNIEST Amy Schumer Moments On Social Media

She’s one of the most hilarious women on the PLANET! And Amy Schumer certainly isn’t afraid to show it on social media. We love her crazy pics on Instagram, and LOL-inducing Tweets.

So we’re thankful and excited to have the comedic genius grace our tent on 4 September 2016 for her hit stand up stage show Amy Schumer Live. We’ll come with you @mizmoni!

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve scoured social media to find the funniest things Schumer has ever said and done. And once we’d stopped giggling, we were able to narrow them down to this top 15!


1. She’s got a (hilarious!) answer for everything.



2. She fights the good fight for women EVERYWHERE!



No chafe #nothighgapnoproblem

A video posted by @amyschumer on


3. She’s a true professional and knows exactly how to prep for a big show.



Gearing up #thegarden

A photo posted by @amyschumer on


4. Who else can rock leopard print and a wig?



30 minutes till the season finale of #insideAmy @comedycentral

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  5. She knows how to have fun with, ahem, inflatable things.



Instructional video how to get off a flamingo raft #roadmanager vid cred

A video posted by @amyschumer on


6. And how to look cool for the paps.



Paparazzi are everywhere

A photo posted by @amyschumer on


7. In fact, she has more fun with inflatables than anyone we know.



Banana boat!

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8. Schumer knows how to silence the body shamers. Go Amy!



10. But gets annoyed when they go quiet!



Pretty pissed I wasn't mentioned

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10. She doesn’t care what she looks like…



I'm on the cover of @vanityfair

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11. But was soooooo cute as a kid!



#tbt dad and #roadmanager

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12. We’re with you @JamesAlexanderH - who wouldn’t want to be BFF with Schumer?



13. Like a true comedian, she knows how to take the micky out of herself, but is adorably modest.



14. She can make you feel better – even when you’re poorly. Isn’t that right @sallybiddall? 



15. And when you think you can’t laugh anymore, Schumer does this.