1 Sep 2016

5 Of The CRAZIEST Backstage Requests Of All Time

Some celebrities' backstage demands are almost as famous as they are. Whether it's something as mundane as Coldplay's Chris Martin requesting pre-stamped postcards to write his family, or as diva-esque as Christina Aguilera demanding a police escort - it's a lifestyle most of us can only fantasise about.

From the sublime to the downright ridiculous (who are we kidding, they're ALL ridiculous), here are five of the best tour riders.


1. Kanye West

Who else but Kanye would you expect to top this list? Eccentric ol' Yeezy's tour rider was leaked to the press in 2012, and included a demand for imported Versace towels, cut into smaller sizes for him to wipe his brow on stage.

And his drivers? They had to wear 100% cotton. Obviously.


2. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is the queen of the tour rider. Over the years, she's asked for vitamin water to bathe her dogs in and an assistant to dispose of her chewing gum.

However, her wish list for a recent tour beats the lot. She allegedly requested 20 white kittens and 100 white doves backstage. And that's on top of wanting a Rolls-Royce, a pink carpet, pink podium, butterfly-shaped confetti, and more security guards than most people would know what to do with. Anything else, Mariah?


3. Rod Stewart

When you've been in the business as long as Sir Rod, you're probably entitled to make a backstage demand or two. He once revealed that he asks for a large table in his dressing room so he can construct buildings for his model train set. It's the stuff dreams are made of for some people, eh @harryandedna?

Stewart is also rumoured to ask for standby oxygen at his gigs - you can never be too careful! At least we now know what he needs when he hits The O2 this November



4. Madonna

Madonna's not one to be outdone. When she goes on tour, she demands the dressing room be decorated like her own home, that the venue installs 20 international phone lines for her use, and that her 200-strong entourage caters for her every need. And whatever you do, don't forget her personal dry cleaning service. It all comes out in the wash!


5. Mary J. Blige

Just when you thought we'd reached the pinnacle of bizarre-dom, along comes Mary J. Blige. She reportedly asked for a brand new toilet seat to be installed in each dressing room on her 2006 tour.

As if that wasn't enough, she wanted a tub of Red Vines liquorice to munch on, and three scented Aveda candles to keep the place smelling nice: Madagascar, eucalyptus and rainforest, to be precise. We're not quite sure what the rainforest smells like, but Mary J, you deserve the best!