9 Sep 2016

8 Reasons We Absolutely Can’t Wait For 2017

We know it’s four months away and there’s still loads to look forward to in 2016 – Halloween, Christmas, Justin Bieber, Bastille – but we’re already getting excited about next year. There are some pretty phenomenal acts coming up at The O2 and if you’re not in on the action yet, there’s still time to grab tickets. Don’t know if they’re up your street? Check out these videos and we promise you’ll be convinced.  

Comedy Central Impractical Jokers: 7 – 15 January


Avenged Sevenfold: 21 – 22 January


Black Sabbath: 29 – 31 January


Green Day: 8 February


Kaiser Chiefs: 1 March


Country to Country Festival: 10 – 12 March


Olly Murs: 30 – 31 March


Diversity Genesis Tour: 14 April

Admit it, you’re excited too. Well luckily you can get tickets for all these 2017 events and more (as well as shows coming up this year) now so get browsing and booking. There’s nothing like the promise of a Kaiser Chiefs gig to get you through the post-Christmas slump!