27 Jan 2017

Acts YOU’RE Most Looking Forward To Seeing In 2017 [3 mins]

We’ve got an amazing line-up of acts coming to the stage in 2017, but which ones are YOU looking forward to seeing most? Our team has scoured social media to see exactly which artists you can’t wait to see this year – and here are just a few…

@LittleMix fan girl @M3gz1996 was quick to tell us how much she was looking forward to the #GoldenDaysTourLondon  


…and she’s not the only Mixer who’s counting down the (glory) days. Errrm, you might be a little early, @LittleMixTeamFR, but November will soon come around! 


There’s excitement for a gig, then there’s REAL excitement for a gig! @mrskateg is so delighted at bagging tickets to the BROS reunion that she’s even got a phone case to mark the occasion! 10/10 for commitment to the cause…


Oh, Sarah we can only hope for a boyfriend as good as yours! Well, @GRWilson81, we hope she appreciated her Take That tickets. 


Words might have failed @EllsShepherd when his @CraigDavid tickets arrived, but his emoji skills didn’t let him down.  We’re just as buzzed, Elliott. 


We get the feeling that @UK_of_LUKE might somewhat be excited about the @ArianaGrande #DangerousWomanTour. Here’s to a banging night, Luke. 


 @AdamLamy is so excited about our 2017 line up that he’s already booked three events. That’s the rock n’ roll attitude we like to see, Adam.  


February might not be the most interesting month of the year, but it’s going to be epic for @jerredlazar. He’s lucky enough to be seeing Green Day and can’t contain his excitement! 


Heavy metal gods Iron Maiden will be entertaining the crowds this May in what promises to be a truly explosive performance. @CarsMaiden will be there – will you? 


Bruno Mars will be getting his funk on at The O2 arena in April, and two people who are certainly going to be there are @mikemoyes1987 and Charlotte. Let the countdown begin! 


There’s no harm in a bit of forward planning, and it sure looks like @kurtmartinez has got it in the bag for when he sees Blink-182 in July.