4 Dec 2015

How Well Do You Know Your Loved Ones?

Like us, you probably know a rather large amount of people in life. Which is great, of course, when it comes to avoiding the whole loneliness thing. But come December, when those outgoing Christmas cards start taking over your entire household (and your general life), it can become rather overwhelming.

It gets even worse when you realise you need to buy everyone presents, too. And not just any old presents, you need to buy something that your loved ones will actually be excited about.

The whole process can be stressful and confusing, as [email protected] recently found out: ‘why is it so hard to buy your boyfriend a Christmas present grrr...or any present’.



We feel you, Sarah.  What on Earth do you buy your boyfriend? Or your 14-year-old niece? Or your best mate from back in school?

Well, this year you don’t have to worry, because we’ve cracked the science of buying amazing Christmas gifts. That’s right, we’ve been down in The O2 Christmas laboratory, putting the finishing touches to our latest research. And we think we’ve stumbled onto something big, that will change the face of gift-buying forever!

It all starts with some basic psychology.

Quite simply, when it comes to buying the perfect Christmas present, you have to get inside the heads of your loved ones. You need to think like they do. You need to know who you’re buying for, and understand what makes them tick.

Take our quiz below, to match your loved ones with their perfect Christmas gifts...


Loved One Number One

  • Does this person LOVE watching Christmas TV?
  • Do they prefer the Christmas special of their favourite show over Christmas dinner?
  • Can you hear them laughing hysterically to their favourite comedian, long after everyone else has gone to bed?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, your loved one is a Watcher! You can check out a great list of gift ideas for them here...


Loved One Number Two

  • Have you ever heard this person say things like, ‘I can sing just as well as Beyoncé, I just never had the time to pursue it’?
  • Does this person have a tendency to be constantly singing loudly in public, NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE?
  • Do they always attempt to hit vocal harmonies when singing along to the car radio?

If this sounds like your loved one, chances are, they belong to the Singers! There are lots of awesome gift options they’re sure to love right here...


Loved One Number Three

  • When they are listening to music on their iPod, can you hear it blaring out of their headphones within a 10 mile radius?
  • Do they refuse to acknowledge music unless it has at least one guitar in it?
  • Is the only reason they ever get a haircut because their boss disapproves of long hair?

Sound familiar? Yep, your loved one is a Rocker! You can’t go wrong with these hard-hitting gift ideas...


Loved One Number Four

  • Do they scream when their favourite song comes on in a cafe?
  • Do they scream when someone mentions having takeaway for dinner?
  • Do they scream whilst reading a newspaper?

Does all this ring a bell? Well, it looks like this particular loved one is a Screamer! They’ll absolutely love these gift ideas...


Loved One Number Five

  • Is this person constantly on the move?
  • Are they known for doing numerous things at the same time?
  • Are you regularly telling them to ‘SLOW DOWN’?

There’s no denying it, your friend is a Doer! Here’s a list of gift ideas that will keep them nice and busy…


Loved One Number Six

  • When you take this person to a concert, can you hear them cheering over everyone else in the venue?
  • When they cheer something passionately, does it sound more like a lion’s roar?
  • Can they clap louder than most people can shout?

Does this sound like someone you know? These guys are Cheerers, and here’s some gift ideas to make them cheer even louder...