15 Dec 2015

Musical Families: The Biggest Family Acts Of All Time

Everybody loves a family band, even if it makes us look at our siblings and wonder why on earth they couldn’t play three instruments and have the voice of an angel.

With Ireland’s impeccably talented family sensation, The Corrs, releasing a new album and making a pit stop at The O2 in January next, we couldn’t help taking a look back at the biggest and best family superstars of all time, starting with The Corrs themselves! 


The Corrs

It’s been nearly ten years since the Irish popstars went on hiatus to pursue solo careers and focus on their own families, but 2015 sees the return of Andrea, Caroline, Jim, and Sharon Corr, who brought us such delights as Runaway and Breathless all those moons ago. In case you’re wondering, yes, they are still as beautiful as they were back in ’99. And no, we are not jealous in the slightest. Neither is ‏@Lilmissfringe, by the sounds of it: ‘Used to love The Corrs.. They were like the Kardashians.. 3 beautiful sisters n a brother who just went along for the ride really.’ Not sure how they’d feel about being compared to the Kardashians there, Sarah, but you can’t deny the Corr family have got some good genes! 



The Jackson 5

Perhaps the most famous of all family supergroups, The Jackson 5 produced hit after hit of Motown-inspired funk-pop tracks. Not to mention spawning the almighty, if somewhat controversial career, of a certain Michael Jackson. ABC, I Want You Back and I’ll Be There are only some of their most inspirational tracks, but they all still manage to spread vast amounts of joy more than four decades on.


Kings Of Leon

This Tennessee indie-rock band is made up of not one, not two, but FOUR brothers  – and with genes this good, they totally get away with songs called Sex On Fire. Despite being predominantly known for their 2008 album, Only By The Night, these brothers have been creating grungy-indie music for well over a decade now, and continue to grow and develop their sound with each album. What a talented bunch.



They may not be on the best of terms these days, but when Oasis were at their peak it was largely down to those lovable Gallagher brothers. Known for their thick Manchester accents, Liam’s growly vocal tone and their, erm, captivating eyebrows, the Gallagher brothers are two of the most influential rock and roll stars of the past twenty years. Not a day goes by where we don’t see a street busker performing a rendition of Wonderwall, though it’s never a patch on the original.



Once the poster boys of the ‘90s, brother trio Hanson somehow managed to write a song with a chorus made up of complete gibberish, and still make it a worldwide hit. It may be a guilty pleasure, but it’s an incredibly catchy guilty pleasure  – and the Hanson boys can’t help creating music that make us happy. Though many will only know them for Mmmbop, you may be surprised to hear that, since then, they’ve gone on to release SEVEN more albums (as well as crafting their own beer called, wait for it, Mmmhops  – naturally). Musically talented and funny, now that's a family we’d like to be a part of!


The Beach Boys

The original line-up of the Beach Boys consisted of three Wilson brothers – Dennis, Carl and Brian – their cousin Mike Love, and close friend Al Jardine. The band were also managed by the Wilson’s father, so it really was an incredibly close family affair. Specialising in pitch-perfect surf-rock, The Beach Boys hit their peak in the ‘60s with tracks such as Good Vibrations, Surfin’ U.S.A. and I Get Around. They’ll be remembered forever as one of the most iconic bands in America’s illustrious musical history.


Bee Gees

Speaking of exceptionally talented brothers, we couldn’t publish a feature of this nature without mentioning Bee Gees  – best known for their disco-inspired pop-rock with sensational harmonies. Together, they sold more than 220 million records worldwide, and are one of the most successful acts of all time. The brothers wrote all their own songs, which included the hits Stayin’ Alive, Night Fever and More Than A Woman. Despite the sad passing of Robin and Maurice, they still remain one of the most famous, talented and loved families to have ever existed.


The Osmonds

Perhaps the largest of the musical family groups is The Osmonds, made up of SEVEN siblings – six brothers and one sister. Growing up in a very conservative and religious family, much of their material possessed strong religious influences, although this did not stop them from gaining widespread success with their music, as well as their own TV show called, you guessed it, The Osmonds. Donny, Jimmy and Marie, the youngest of the siblings, went on to form solo careers, with Donny becoming the most successful with his renowned hit Puppy Love. They are all still performing to this day, largely in Las Vegas and other major cities around the world, with a career that now spans over five decades.