21 Sep 2015

The Show Must Go On

5 reasons why One Direction CAN'T break up yet.

Sure, Zayn may have left. And they do definitely deserve a rest. And they are probably very excited by the thought of pursuing solo projects. But One Direction still has the world in their palms. With a string of dates coming up at The O2 this month, we look at why they simply can’t break up yet…


1. Twitter might ACTUALLY implode

No one wants to be responsible for destroying Twitter, but that’s most likely what’ll happen if One Direction totally split up. Boom. Gone. No more Twitter. In fact, the entire Internet might break. Just think how tedious it’ll be, having to post actual letters again, at an actual post office. And can we really live without gifs? Think about it, boys. That’s not a world anyone wants to go back to.


2. Where will guys find haircut inspiration?

We have a gnawing hunch that the general quality of guys’ haircuts will diminish substantially if One Direction were to actually break up. The 1D boys have been inspiring a generation of hairdos since they hit the charts five years ago – and girls around the world have become reliant on them to inspire their boyfriends beyond the classic ‘short back and sides, please’ look. A nation of haircuts is in your hands, lads. No pressure.


3. The fans will ALWAYS be there, no matter what

One Direction fans are two things: a) really, really lovely and b) INCREDIBLY HARDCORE ABOUT ONE DIRECTION. No matter what happens, the #Directioners will always be there to show their love and support – endlessly and unconditionally – like @joaoschiavinato here:



And that’s not something to walk away from lightly.


4. Celeb gossip will become so, so, SO boring!

Aside from the awesome songs and cool haircuts, the One Direction lads do a great job at generally keeping the country entertained with juicy gossip-fixes. What are we meant to do if they break up? We can’t go back to Kim Kardashian – she’s married with kids now. Boring!


5. They still have SO much to offer as a four-piece

Think Take That, post-Robbie leaving – and then times it by, err, a lot. That’s what we’re talking here. We make the equation out something like this: E = Take That2 - Robbie Williams + (Loads Of Awesome 1D Fans). You can’t argue with cold, hard calculations, boys.