3 Apr 2014

Up at The O2

We’ve enjoyed an amazing year of climbs at Up At The O2 and to celebrate, we’re giving you a little taster of what it’s like to walk over one of London’s favourite landmarks.

Great views of London – walking over The O2

There’s nothing quite like walking over the roof of The O2 and stopping at the summit’s observation platform to take in a spectacular 360 degree panorama of London’s most recognisable landmarks.

From Canary Wharf’s imposing towers to Wembley Stadium and the QE2 Bridge, you can even see as far as Alexandra Palace which is a staggering 14 miles away. Once you’ve made it to the top there are no limits; you’ll be free to move around and take as many photos as you like, ably informed by your expert guide.

Before setting off on your adventure you are fully briefed about your expedition at our base camp and issued with a climb suit, hiking shoes (if necessary), harness and safety latch which attaches you to the cable system that runs along the full length of the walkway. Up At The O2 can also accommodate wheelchair users where a pulley system is operated to assist with the climb.

The incline is pretty steep at points and requires a little physical exertion from all the intrepid explorers who decide to take on the mission. However, the stunning reward for these efforts makes conquering The O2 a grand achievement. A personalised souvenir photo is available on your triumphant return to base camp so that you can share this unique experience with family and friends.

What are you waiting for?

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