28 Apr 2016

YOUR Reaction To Busted Reforming

Yes. It’s true. It’s actually true. Busted have reformed, and not only do we have a hugely exciting new album on the horizon, we’ve also got a string of live dates to look forward to – including a two-night pit stop at The O2 on 27 and 28 May.

Now that we’ve all had some time to let the news sink in, we looked back at how YOU responded to Busted reforming...


Firstly, our thoughts go out to these poor people, who won’t even be in the country for Busted’s shows at The O2

@misterkemp – ‘Genuinely gutted that the Ibiza/Barca/Berlin/Aberdeen holiday plans for next summer means I'll miss the @Busted reunion tour. No joke!’



@YasnimNicole – ‘I'm still sad every day that I'm not going to be in England for the Busted reunion tour.’



Others, though, aren’t letting a silly thing like not being in the country stand in their way

@Georgie_Howells – ‘Should I come back from travelling a couple days early so I can go to the busted reunion tour? Yes, yes I should’



It made some people actually question the realms of reality!

@tapdancepanda – ‘still buzzing about the @busted reunion! is this actually happening? i'm not dreaming? @mattjwillis @jamesbourne @charliesimo are back!! XD’



@daaa_elk – ‘my favorite thing about the busted reunion tour is no one can believe it's real, including busted’



@martyn2019 – ‘It's so weird how a Busted reunion once seemed less plausible than a MCR reunion and well.....’



For some, it was a time to get all philosophical

@KatieAnneHughes – ‘Got my @Busted reunion ticket for next year! So excited! Finally get to see the original line up. Another gig ticked off my bucket list lol!’



‏@DCourteneySmith – ‘@ohhellomango the busted reunion has seemed to make the world make a little more sense.’



@kathyastevens – ‘Pre-McBusted @ElleApprentice if we can't get tickets to the @Busted reunion there is  no point in living anymore :(‘



@BeccyBoxers – ‘So I might be having a pretty awful 2015. But at least I have @Busted tickets for next year. It's already looking up [Title: Sparkling heart - Description: πŸ’–] #meetyouthere #reunion’



Some used it as a perfect excuse to go on a massive Busted binge

‏@alisonokok – ‘Who's been listening to every Busted song on repeat since they announced the reunion??? Certainly not me idk what ur talking about’



It also lead to some interesting revelations about possibly the coolest head teacher ever!

@HeatherKSwain – ‘I greatly appreciate the fact that I go to a sixth form in which the head emails about the fact that Busted have reformed and are touring.’



Some are (literally) counting the days until they arrive at The O2

@love1D0102 – ‘89 Day till I see Busted at the O2!!!!! @Busted @mattjwillis @JamesBourne @charliesimo’



@lucy_caitlin_97 – ‘59 days until the O2 [Title: Party popper - Description: πŸŽ‰]  @Busted’



Some seem to be planning something else entirely

‏@courterz_ – ‘If busted sing a whole new album on tour. I will bring a loud speaker and host my own 'old school' busted concert in the toilets’



Naturally, it lead some people to get sentimental and emotional

@aIexthurston – ‘As if @Busted are back together, mate my childhood is finally completed’


‏@LeahRoseBloxham – ‘the fact that im crying just listening to busted songs on youtube means im gonna be a mess when i see them at the O2πŸ˜©πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰'’


@Kaylaaaaaar – ‘I cried when @Busted broke up I was so heartbroken and I cried on Tuesday because they've reformed never thought it would happen 😭😭 ‘


‏@_tiffxox – ‘Don't think anyone understands how happy I am that @Busted have reformed, honestly completed life 😍 ‘



And finally, some even used it as a perfect excuse for a Christmas present – FOR THEIR MUM!!

@eleanoreadavis – ‘Mums face was priceless when she opened her present for @busted reunion tour! [Title: Wrapped present - Description: 🎁]  Shame about the…’