Car parking policy

at The O2


The O2 has implemented a very thorough and considered travel plan agreed with the local authority, the Royal Borough of Greenwich. As part of this plan we are confident that we offer a transparent car parking pricing policy, which contributes to creating a more sustainable environment both locally and throughout London.

This plan stipulates that 75% of all visitors to The O2 use non-car modes to reach the venue, and so far we have managed to achieve, and in some

cases exceed, this target every year since we opened in 2007.
The most effective way to reach this target is to discourage customers from using their cars to travel to The O2, and our pricing strategy reflects this, as does the public transport provision to the site.

We are very proud that we are an excellent public transport venue serviced by North Greenwich tube station, Thames Clippers' boat service and various bus routes.

Pricing strategy

Arena event parking

On site we can have up to 20,000 people visiting an arena event within The O2 and only 2,000 parking spaces, making it impossible for everyone to drive. It would also be impractical to have 20,000 vehicles attempting to access and exit the site at the same time, particularly because of the venue's peninsula location. This is why the parking prices are set as such to discourage driving to arena events, which constitute the majority of our on-site activity.

The Avenue parking

The hourly car parking rates for customers wishing to visit the bars and restaurants at The O2 are benchmarked against other car parks situated in Zone 2/3 in London. Unlike event days the demand represents a very small proportion of the total visitors to the venue.

Cinema parking

Our cinema parking policy is benchmarked against other cinemas outside of central London, but still within the capital. The Cinema market also dictates that free parking is offered to customers (our offer is capped at four hours, hourly charges apply thereafter).

Our commitment to public transport

To provide greater travel choice to our customers and to exceed our Travel Plan obligations, AEG – the owner of The O2, has invested in the extremely popular River Bus service – Thames Clippers – which not only serves The O2, but also 18 km of the Thames riverside. This has included a £25million investment in new craft and services.

The success of our Travel Plan has been acknowledged across the transport industry[1] and we are extremely proud to have recently won Transport Project Partnership of the year at the London Transport Awards.