1 Sep 2016

7 Supervillains We SECRETLY Love

They’re not necessarily the sort of people we’d want to hang out with in real life: certified lunatics, mass murderers and criminal masterminds intent on global domination.

But when it comes to superheroes, there’s just something about supervillains and their sheer badass-ery that we secretly can’t get enough of.

With Marvel Universe Live coming to The O2 this September, we look at the baddies we almost wish would win…


1. Loki

Thor’s adopted brother and son of an ice giant, Loki is so hard core nasty and magically powerful that when he threatens earth, The Avengers unite to stop him.

As one of Marvel’s most sinister villains, his appearance at The O2 is sure to be met with jeers – and cheers. If actor Tom Hiddleston gets his way, this villain might just get his own movie. And we say, yes please with @KoreySamuel.


2. The Joker

Batman’s arch nemesis has made a career out of wreaking havoc in Gotham City. The Joker’s less charitable moments have included beating the second Robin to death and blowing up a hospital.

So, why do we like him? Well, at least he always does it with a smile on his face.


3. Magneto

The leader and figurehead of the X-Men villains, Magneto is far from your average bad guy.

Complex, tortured, handsome and prone to occasional acts of heroism, there are still Marvel fans who reckon he could be a good guy waiting to turn. If only he’d stop using his magnetic powers and telepathic abilities to try and conquer the world…


4. Green Goblin

Armed with unorthodox weaponry such as pumpkin bombs and gas-emitting jack-o’-lanterns, and donned in a garish green and purple costume, Spider-Man’s adversary could come across like a cartoon clown. He doesn’t. In fact, he’s flat out unhinged and terrifying. Just ask @alexanddrrraa_X.


5. Mystique

Perhaps best described as the ultimate femme fatale, Mystique is a super-spy with a gift for shape-shifting, mind control and raw seduction.

Her list of exes would put any celebrity’s to shame: it includes mutants, women and the hero Wolverine.


6. Doomsday

Anyone – or, rather, anything – that can beat Superman to a pulp is badass personified. And Doomsday, a genetically engineered alien soldier whose sole purpose is destruction, did just that.

He (or it?) is so tough that even nuclear weapons don’t appear to cause any significant bruising. We certainly wouldn’t mess with him! However, @Kyoufu2011 isn’t convinced.


7. Dr Doom

With an almost unrivalled mastery of science and a talent for sorcery, Victor Von Doom could have been one of the age’s most celebrated men.

Instead, he donned a mask and superpower suit, and became intent on world domination. So far, only the combined might of the Fantastic Four have been around to stop him.