Parking at The O2

Parking at The O2

Inside the M25 and outside the Congestion Zone. The O2 is signposted from the M25, the A2 and A20 (from the South East), and the M11 (from the North).

Use our postcode for route planners. And if you need a junction, use Millennium Way or Edmund Halley Way.

Plan your journey with the AA.


Where to park?

Coming to an arena or indigo at The O2 event? Then it’s Car Park 1. Remember to pre-book your parking just in case we’re full on the day. You can pre-book your event parking here.

Not coming to an event? For everything else including Icon Outlet and Cineworld use car parks 2, 3 or 4 where hourly tariffs apply.

Drop-off and pick-up Our free drop-off and pick-up point is in Car Park 1, just off Millennium Way. It’s clearly signposted.

Our parking FAQ’s will hopefully answer your query. Or you can read our full terms and conditions here


Blue badge parking spaces are available in all of The O2’s car parks. Just make sure the blue badge holder is in the car with you during your visit.

You can pre-book blue badge event parking online or by calling 020 8463 6718.

Blue Badge Parking

Valet Parking

Coming to a show at The O2 arena?

Leave your keys with us and we’ll park your car at the VIP entrance.

In a hurry?

No worries. Your car will be back and ready to go as soon as the show finishes. Pre-booked valet parking is £43. Or £48 if parking on the day.

Valet Parking

Parking Tariffs

Pre-booked event parking

  Car Early bird Car Minibus Coach
The O2 arena £23 £27 £30 £45
The O2 arena Valet   £43 N/A N/A
indigo at The O2   £17 £30 £45

You can pre-book event parking until midnight the day before the event. The Early bird tariff is available until 3 weeks before the arena event. Event car parking is located in Car Park 1. For valet parking just follow the signs to Meridian Gate.


Pay on the day event parking 

If there’s still space available you can pay for your event parking on the day at the following rates.

  Car Minibus and Coach
The O2 arena £34 £55
The O2 arena Valet £48 N/A
indigo at The O2 £17 £55

Not coming to an event? 

If you’re coming to The O2 for Icon Outlet, Cineworld or anything else and are not attending an arena or Indigo at The O2 event you can park in car parks 2, 3 or 4. These are our non-event car parks and the following hourly tariffs will apply. 

  0 – 2 hours 2 – 4 hours 4 – 6 hours 6 – 9 hours 9 – 12 hours 12 – 14 hours 14 – 18 hours 18 – 24 hours
Car £6 £9 £12 £13 £14 £16 £22 £45
Coach £14     £25   £50    

Cineworld customers get four hours free parking in car carks 2 and 3. Your four hours start once you’re in the car park. When the film’s finished, take your unpaid ticket and cinema stub to the parking office (in Car Park 1). We can’t validate station car park tickets so make sure you’re in car parks 2 or 3. We can only validate parking for films that have finished at the time you depart.