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Up at The O2: Climb of The Cursed

The O2 - Up at The O2 - Climb of the Cursed 2013 on MUZU.TV.

Between 18 October and 3 November, London's most thrilling attraction, Up at The O2, will be the site of spine-tingling Halloween climbs.

The Mission

In the Winter of 1983, a group of intrepid explorers accepted a secret mission to conquer the icy plains of the frozen wilderness.

Five set off.

No one returned.

Now it's your turn to follow in the footsteps of doomed expedition team, Terra Ignota, and find out what happened on their fateful trip.

But not everything is quite as it seems...

As the ascent begins and the chill takes its toll, Mother Nature won't be your only enemy. No one can prepare for what awaits them at the summit as this adventure of discovery becomes a fight for survival.

Only the toughest will live to tell the tale.


Experience a voyage into the unknown. Trace the steps of the Terra Ignota team safe in the knowledge that you have the tools to make your way out of any sticky situation. Perfect for families and people focussed on the climb.


Not for the faint of heart. You'll be guided across the walkway and straight into a hub of terrifying live action. This is an immersive experience with horrifying scenes and bloodcurdling screams. Can you handle it?

Book tickets here.

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