Chosen Charities



We're delighted to be working with The BRIT School - the first free performing arts and technology school in the country, Nordoff Robbins – the UK’s largest independent music therapy charity, and MQ – the mental health research charity - as our chosen charities until the end of 2020.

Invaluable support will be provided to each charity including fundraising and onsite awareness and in addition, AEG staff will be offered volunteering opportunities to help the incredible work the charities do. 

Additionally, we work with several organisations to provide tickets to see some of the fantastic shows we have here at The O2. In 2017, over 25,000 tickets were gifted to groups such as the NHS, Tickets for Troops, The Royal Borough of Greenwich Council, our staff and friends.


The BRIT School

The BRIT School is the UK’s first and leading performing & creative arts school dedicated to free education and vocational training for young creative people aged 14 to 19. The BRIT School’s vision is to be at the heart of creative talent development for the next 25 years, nurturing young artists & innovators from all backgrounds, and leading the fight for arts education across the UK.

The partnership will support the individuals that make The BRIT School a unique place to learn, as well as the spaces & facilities that nurture students’ skills, help develop their craft and showcase their talents.


Nordoff Robbins

Nordoff Robbins is the largest music therapy charity in the UK, dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people, and helping them to communicate and improve their wellbeing. They support thousands of people each year through their work in social, medical, educational and community settings and at their direct referral centres, and in turn, are supported by partnerships such as this.

Through the delivery of high-quality music therapy services UK-wide, as well as through their internationally renowned Master of Music Therapy programme and dedicated research department, they support people living with a wide range of needs and conditions. Music therapy can help a child with autism to communicate, unlock forgotten memories for those living with dementia or provide comfort for someone facing a terminal illness. 


MQ: Transforming Mental Health

MQ: Transforming Mental Health is the UK’s leading mental health research charity. Its vision is simple: to create a world where mental illnesses are understood, effectively treated and ultimately prevented.


MQ is bringing together everything from cutting-edge neuroscience to social studies to find the answers we need. It’s driven by one certainty: that research can transform what it means to experience mental illness, starting now and for every generation to come. With the help of its supporters and a global network of world-leading scientists, MQ is making this a reality - championing and funding research that will change millions of lives.



Music Venue Trust

Music Venue Trust was created in January 2014 to protect the UK live music network by securing the long-term future of iconic grassroots music venues which have played a crucial role in the development of British music over the last 40 years, nurturing local talent, providing a platform for artists to build their careers and develop their music and their performance skills. 


We work to gain recognition of the essential role these venues fulfil, not only for artist development but also for the cultural and music industries, the economy and local communities. We aim to preserve and improve venues, making them more efficient and improving the experience for performers and audiences. Long-term we plan to acquire the freeholds of as many of these vital venues as possible