Booking Accesible Tickets
How to book

It's quick and easy to book accessible tickets – including PA tickets – online. For more information check out this video below. 

If you are having trouble you can call 020 8463 3359 or email 

The accessible booking line is open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 5pm every Saturday. 

For more Accesible help, check out our knowledge articles. 
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Accessible & General tickets

If you need both Accessible and General tickets, these will need to be booked separately. Simply follow the instructions within the purchase flow and click on the relevant ticket/seat type. 


Personal Assistants

Don't forget to book your PA ticket alongside your Accessible ticket. Simply choose a PA ticket whilst booking (check out the accessible tickets video for more help) 

More than 1 PA: If you need more than 1 PA, you'll need to pay for an extra ticket when booking. Simply show your evidence for needing the 2nd PA (Medical letter or Access +2) and the ticket cost will be refunded. 

PA Evidence
Don't forget to show us your PA's evidence before the event. See our list of evidence we accpet. 
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Access Card
The O2 accepts the Access Card – for more information on this card please visit
Access Card