Up at The O2
Accessible Climbs
As a general rule, you can complete the climb if you can walk unaided. Call 020 8463 2680 or email boxoffice@upattheo2.co.uk to discuss your visit.  We provide a free carer ticket for a climber who requires a carer to be with them throughout the climb. Please send a form of evidence (front page of a DLA, PIP, or access card), along with a brief description of why the climber needs a carer, to the email above so that we can confirm the climb is suitable for them.
Wheelchair climbs

Wheelchair climbs take place from late Spring to early Autumn on weekday mornings. It takes up to 3 hours. The Wheelchair Climb can accommodate 1 wheelchair user and up to 9 friends and family members, including a personal assistant/carer. The personal assistant/carer climbs for free.
You’ll get a special wheelchair that you’ll need to move yourself into. If you can’t, a personal assistant or family member can help. You’ll climb with four guides who will use a pulley system to help you up and down. On the way down, you’ll descend backwards.
Wheelchair measurements

  • Seat width is 45cm / 18 inches.
  • Seat depth is 40cm / 16 inches.
  • The frame measures: width – 70cm / 28 inches. Height – 99cm / 39 inches (from the floor to the top of the backrest).

Wheelchair climbs need to be booked in advance. Due to high demand and popularity, we operate a waiting list which is processed on a first come first served basis. If you’d like more information, please email the boxoffice: boxoffice@upattheo2.co.uk