Cineworld at The O2 is London’s biggest cinema (on the number of seats) with a number of exciting ways to watch a movie. From extreme cinema in 4DX, to a whole night out in one with VIP, the huge Superscreen, or 270-degree ScreenX - you can choose how you want to watch your favourite films.


Experience extreme cinema and be thrilled in your moving seats as you’re surrounded by stimulating effects including water, wind, scents, fog and more!



Enter the exclusive lounge where you can help yourself to complimentary dining (including pizza, pasta, salads, and even desserts), unlimited cinema snacks and soft drinks, before you head into our intimate screening room with luxury recliner seats.



The 270-degree viewing experience of ScreenX surrounds you in your seat. With the film extended beyond your peripheral vision, every chase, fight and adventure will engulf, surprise and feel closer than ever.



Movies feel like masterpieces on Superscreen. The breath-taking multidimensional sound powered by Dolby Atmos speakers, combined with state-of-the-art projection, makes every second a beauty to behold.


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