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14 Jan 2019

The BRITS are coming

Read all about the years most anticipated night in music. 

4 Apr 2018

What you can expect from Harry Styles: Live On Tour

He's gone solo and now he's heading to the tent. Here's what to expect...

1 Feb 2018

Why We Love Harry Styles

Here's just some of our favourite reasons... 

1 Feb 2018

C2C 2018 Mother's Day Playlist

This year at C2C it's all about Mother's Day. Read on to find out more... 

19 Jan 2018

What you can expect from Kendrick Lamar: The DAMN. Tour

When the Grammy-winning, hip-hop hero brings The DAMN. Tour to the UK, it’s sure to be one of the biggest shows of the year...

19 Jan 2018

2017: 10 Incredible Moments - Were You There?

In our 10th year we look at some of the most epic moments that have happened in 2017 so far..

19 Jan 2018

Celebrating 10 Years Of You And The O2

We had an amazing week celebrating our 10th birthday so of course we had to share the best bits. 

14 Jan 2018

5 Times Lady GaGa Owned It Like No One Else

Here's 5 times the Queen of Pop showed off her superstar status...

3 Jan 2018

Tennessee’s Finest – 10 Amazing Acts from Nashville

It may be home to the country music capital, but that’s not the only thing that hails from Tennessee; there’s rock, pop, and some of your…

31 May 2017

Teenage Dream – Shawn Mendes

There's no doubt about it. We just love him. 

31 May 2017

The Come Back Kids

Once wasn’t enough, for them, or us...

24 Apr 2017

Most Memorable Tours

We've been lucky enough to host some of the most awesome tours the music industry 

24 Apr 2017

Love in The Tent

Proposals to giving birth, the tent has pretty much seen it all... 

24 Apr 2017

Let's Talk About: Little Mix

We could be here for a while...

24 Apr 2017

Next Generation Musical Legends – The O2 Approves

We think these guys will be heading to the hall of fame pretty soon... 

24 Apr 2017

I Bet You Think this Song is about You!

We all know it, some of these artists just can't help but sing about certain famous ex's...

20 Apr 2017

Remembering Prince: The Music and The Magic

We remember just some of his greatest moments...

28 Mar 2017

It’s All About June!

The sun's out and we will be turning 10! Here's all you need to know...

27 Mar 2017

10 of the Most Beautiful Acoustic Songs Around

These acoustic songs give us all of the feels...

27 Mar 2017

What Happens to Your Brain When You Go to a Gig? [2 mins]

Ever wondered why it is you have such a good time watching live music? Read to discover more...

27 Mar 2017

6 Irreplaceable Artists Who Changed the World [4 mins]

These music icons will just never be forgotten, take a look at their last legacies...

24 Mar 2017

8 Gay Icons That Have Rocked The O2 [2 mins]

They've rocked the tent like no other, take a look at some the most legendary gay icons. 

23 Feb 2017

What Would Ed Sheeran Do? [3 mins]

His lyrics pretty sum up every life situation so we ask...what would Ed Sheeran do?