20 June 2017

5 Years at The Top

Did you know these facts about Up at The O2?

26 Oct 2016

YOUR Pics Of London From Up At The O2

You just can't beat an awesome pic from the top of Up at The O2...

28 Apr 2016

Our Guide To Having Fun In Greenwich

When it comes to enjoying yourself in Greenwich, you’re spoilt for choice...

7 Apr 2016

Up at The O2 Special: Meet the incredibly awesome V-Man...

We could listen to this guy talk all day long... 

2.0 DoMore_Landing_UpatTheO2.jpg
3 Apr 2014

Up at The O2

We’ve enjoyed an amazing year of climbs at Up At The O2 and to celebrate, we’re giving you a little taster of what it’s like to walk…